Reviews tagged "romance"


The Shape of Desire by Sharon Shinn

Sharon Shinn’s novels are a mixed bag for me. I’ve really enjoyed her YA stuff, and a couple of her adult novels, too, while others of her adult novels I’ve found underwhelming or even dull. This one, though, just irritated me. It’s a paranormal romance featuring an incredibly dysfunctional relationship, and the characters aren’t likable […]


Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor

Okay. I will be honest. This is a paranormal/fantasy romance. It has pounding hearts, love-at-first-sight, and you-are-my-soul passion. It is ridiculously melodramatic. And I loved it. Now, this may have been partly because certain elements in the story and the characters seem pretty much tailored to my personal tastes and designed to win me over. […]


Evernight by Claudia Grey

Bianca’s parents have taken jobs teaching at Evernight Academy, a very rich and very exclusive boarding school that most teenagers couldn’t even hope to attend. They think it’s a great opportunity for her to come along with them. But she hates it–the campus is miles away from civilization, the buildings are old and creepy, and […]


Rampant by Diana Peterfreund

Astrid’s a normal American teenager who has two problems: one, her crazy mother is always talking about how unicorns were not only real, but evil, venomous monsters that killed multitudes until Astrid’s ancestors hunted them to extinction. And two, she’s been peer-pressured into dating a sleazy boy she doesn’t like. Then one night when Astrid’s […]


Graceling by Kristin Cashore

This is definitely one of those “in a world where” books, and I liked the initial concept. Katsa lives in a world where a few people, known as Gracelings, are born with varied special powers or abilities. These Gracelings are recognized by their specially-colored eyes, and in most countries become the personal property of the […]


Impossible by Nancy Werlin

Lucy is seventeen when she discovers that the women of her family have been suffering for generations under a curse laid by a mysterious faerie being. Each of Lucy’s maternal ancestors has had a daughter at age 18, then gone insane. The curse can only be broken by completing a trio of impossible tasks, as […]


Ever by Gail Carson Levine

I had high hopes for this book after being delighted by Gail Carson Levine’s previous fluffy YA fantasy stories, Ella Enchanted and Fairest. Alas, I was doomed to disappointment, since this book features neither the well-drawn and likable heroines nor the uplifting thematic content of those two books. The story, a romance between the young […]


Specials by Scott Westerfeld

In this final volume of the Uglies trilogy, Tally has been transformed into an elite, ultra-powerful Special. She is now one of the class of secret police who run the city behind the scenes, keeping the uglies and pretties in line and clueless. Life is thrilling like it never was before, and she’s satisfied…mostly. But […]


The Outback Stars by Sandra McDonald

Lieutenant Jodenny Scott’s last space voyage ended in disaster, when her ship was destroyed by a terrorist bombing. After an interminable recovery on the planet Kookabura, she finally manages to get a place on a new ship, the Aral Sea. Jodenny soon finds herself with more than she can handle: not only is she running […]


The Safe-Keeper’s Secret Series by Sharon Shinn

This trilogy — consisting of The Safe-Keeper’s Secret, The Truth-Teller’s Tale, and The Dream-Maker’s Magic — takes place in a world characterized by three special types of people who live and work among the other citizens — Safe-Keepers, who will always keep a secret; Truth-Tellers, who cannot tell a lie; and the Dream-Maker, a single […]