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The Year of the Warrior by Lars Walker

In this book, part of which was previously published under the title Erling’s Word, Aillil, an Irish slave brought to serve the Vikings around the year 1000 A.D., tells the story of his years of service in Norway. Aillil was a failure as a monk, but suddenly he finds his freedom — not to mention […]


War of the Gods by Poul Anderson

In retelling the legend of King Hadding of the Danes (found in the annals of the Danish early medieval writer Saxo), this book conveys a very Northern story in Northern style. The life of Hadding, raised by giants to overthrow a usurper and become king of the Danes, is told from beginning to end, as […]


The Broken Sword by Poul Anderson

There are books that are original, and then there are books that are like nothing else you’ve read. The Broken Sword is one of the latter. It draws deeply upon Norse sagas and mythology for inspiration; the result is a powerful novel with a harsh, darkly pagan feel. The story is set in England during […]