Dream Thief
Stephen Lawhead

Morality: A
Writing: A-

In the space station Gotham, stationed a shuttle’s travel from Earth, Spencer Reston is having strange and disturbing dreams. His quest to discover the source and meaning of his nightmares eventually takes him to both Mars and Earth, and leads him to encounters with ancient aliens, the remote reaches of India, and a final confrontation with the evil Dream Thief. The book’s plot is relatively unique and, while fairly unusual for science fiction, it holds together quite well. The setting is believable if not astoundingly so, and Lawhead’s prose is as always well-crafted. The characterization is good, and the villains truly creepy.

Morally the book is excellent — toward the end it becomes explicitly Christian, with a special emphasis on the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper. It also focuses on God’s persistence in His call of His chosen ones. I find the book more clearly Christian than Lawhead’s others, all of which nevertheless do have definite Christian underpinnings. The book has a few disturbing images (although nothing on the level of some of Lawhead’s other books), and a couple scenes of sensuality (but nothing at all graphic). All in all, if you enjoy science fiction, this book is definitely a worthwhile and enjoyable read.

Posted by Sasha | November 4, 2007

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